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Hijab Shop is an Online Collection of Hijabs,Women’s Accessories & Jewelry. We provide the exquisite and elegant  products at Best Price



Crinkled Cotton

black cotton crinkled
caramel brown cotton crinkled
chocolate brown cotton crinkled
coffee cotton crinkled
Dark Green cotton crinkled
khakhi brown cotton crinkled
Lavender purple cotton crinkled
Mint green cotton crinkled
white cotton crinkled

Shimmer Cotton Lurex

Champagne silver Shimmer Cotton Lurex
Yellow Gold Shimmer Cotton Lurex

Premium Summmer beach Hijabs

450.00 400.00
Bubble blue
French rose pink
Goa green
Honey mustard yellow
Peach punch
Tortilla taupe khaki brown

Viscose Glitter- PASTEL & NUDE colors

beige nude viscose glitter
Cement Grey viscose glitter
flamingo pink viscose glitter
ivory nude viscose glitter
khaki brown viscose Glitter
mauve viscose Glitter
mint blue viscose Glitter
mustard yellow viscose Glitter
peach viscose glitter
silver grey viscose Glitter
soft pink viscose Glitter
yellow viscose glitter

Viscose Glitter-BRIGHT & DARK colors

black viscose glitter
chilli red
chocolate Brown viscose Glitter
Coffee Brown
deep purple viscose Glitter
henna green viscose glitter
hot pink viscose glitter
lavender purple viscose Glitter
maroon red viscose Glitter
navy blue viscose Glitter
olive green viscose Glitter
Orange viscose glitter
parrot green viscose glitter
purple viscose Glitter
royal blue viscose glitter
Teal bluegreen glitter

Ombre Glitter

black dusty mint shaded glitter
Navy blue khaki shaded glitter
Red teal shaded glitter
Wine black shaded glitter

Plain georgette

beige plain georgette
black plain georgette
Burgundy plain georgette
Cedar plain georgette
Chocolate plain georgette
deep purple plain georgette
melon pink plain georgette
Mustard yellow plain georgette
Olive plain georgette
pale mauve plain georgette
Rose plain georgette
soft pink plain georgette
Walnut Brown plain georgette
Wine plain georgette
X plain georgette

Crinkled Cotton Pearl

400.00 370.00
Black cotton crinkled pearl
burgundy pearl cotton
Cream cotton crinkled pearl
Maroon red cotton crinkled pearl
mauve pearl cotton

Crinkled Shimmer Viscose

550.00 500.00
mauve shimmer crinkled viscose
Rose Gold shimmer viscose
Rose Pink shimmer viscose
silver shimmer viscose
White Gold shimmer viscose
Yellow Gold shimmer viscose

Grid Hijabs

black grid
fossil grey grid
Grey grid
NAvy grid
Teal bluegreen grid

Mixed designs

baby blue gold pleated
black rayon satin
Blue cream shaded shimmer
Burgundy Braided lace
Burgundy Lace pearl
burgundy pearl cotton
burgundy ripple
chilli red lace pearl
Cream cotton crinkled pearl
deep pink
flamingo pink cotton
Grey Rayon satin
hot pink ripple
Maroon red cotton crinkled pearl
maroon red lace pearl
mauve pearl cotton
mint green ripple
mustard yellow floral embroidery
peacock green cotton
royal blue ripple

Rhinestone lace georgette

Black rhinestone lace georgette
Dark Green fancy lace georgette
Deep purple fancy lace georgette
maroon fancy lace georgette
Mauve rhinestone lace georgette
Melon pink rhinestone lace georgette
Mustard yellow fancy lace georgette
Navy blue fancy lace georgette
Olive Green fancy lace georgette
Peach rhinestone lace georgette
Rose pink rhinestone lace georgette
Teal bluegreen fancy lace georgette
White fancy lace georgette

Twilight- ripple shimmer

450.00 410.00
bloody mary
Grape berry
Opal gold
teal jay
Logo Bling Hijabs


 Bling hijab inc is an online store scarves/shawls company based in India and USA runned by a team of professional graduates.

About the shop

Bling hijabs (BHS) inc is an online store scarves/shawls company based in India and USA runned by a team of professional graduates.

It all started with a need for stylish yet affordable hijabs suitable for all occasions. In 2017, ‘bling hijab inc’  was born to cater to those looking for something out of the ordinary.

We as a team put in all our love, passion and time into our products only to serve you the best because we truly believe in it.